Healthy Skin and a Healthy Coat

At Paws for Pampering we offer a friendly and caring mobile grooming and washing service to the dogs of Lake Macquarie and Newcastle.

Regular washing of your dog is an important part of general pet health and well being. The most common reason to regularly wash your dog is to remove unpleasant smells and accumulated dirt. Cleaning will also help to remove loose hair, scale and debris. Clean hair and skin will also improve your dog’s coat’s shine!

For dogs with skin conditions, vets may recommend regular washing as part of a medical treatment plan. Paws for Pampering are glad to assist with this, and have a range of shampoos and conditioners available.

Paws for Pampering approach the washing and grooming process in a calm and patient manner. We aim to make each experience a positive one.

Wash & Towel Dry

After introducing your dog to our mobile salon, we look to gently brush your dog’s coat and, if possible, trim off any tangles. We have a variety of professional grade dog grooming brushes and combs available. We select the most appropriate for your dog’s hair type. For example, we would use a bristle brush on short-haired, smooth coated dogs that shed frequently. Different types of dogs require different types of brushes.

We then gently wet your dog’s hair with warm fresh water, from our temperature controlled hydrobath. We wet the hair all the way down to gently massage the skin, from the chest / neck area, towards the back and sides and then tail.

We take great care to avoid eyes and ears, as this can be a very sensitive area for many dogs. In most cases we protect your dogs inner ears using gentle cotton wool balls. This prevents water getting into the ears as this can predispose to ear infections.

Once your dog’s body is thoroughly wet, we apply a professional shampoo to the coat. We make sure to apply the shampoo right down thoroughly to the undercoat.

For dogs with healthy skin and coat, we use a gentle hypoallergenic shampoo. The pH of dogs’ skin is different to humans, so it is important to select specialized, professional shampoo. For dogs with skin conditions, please let us know, so we can help in selecting the right shampoo.

After thoroughly applying the shampoo, we gently rinse off using the massaging stream of warm fresh water. We can adjust the pressure of water to suit your dog. At this stage, we can apply a hypoallergenic conditioner, depending on your dog’s coat.

We then dry your dog using our clean and fresh supply of towels.We use a gentle pressing method to remove excess water. We do not rub vigorously as this will only create tangles and knots. Our towels are washed with a sensitive, hypoallergenic cleaning solution on a daily basis.

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Wash & Blow Dry

Unlike humans who have one hair for each hair follicle, dogs have three hairs per follicle. That’s a lot of hair to dry! Blow drying after washing can often be the most effective way of ensuring a dry dog.

Paws for Pampering are equipped with modern, specialized dog blow dryers.

Dogs’ have thinner skin than humans and are more prone to being burned if the temperature is set too high. Our dog dryers offer multiple speed and power settings, at a lower temperature, to ensure we get your dog thoroughly dry. This also helps make your dog’s coat look its best. The hair will be straight, fluffy and shiny.

Paws for Pampering are aware that the air flow and moderate noise of the dryer may cause anxiety in your dog. We will gently introduce the dryer and proceed in line with your dog’s comfort. We will work gently and slowly, with verbal encouragement, to see what your dog accepts. We do not use industrial, one size fits all dryers. We are glad to discuss your dog’s personality and previous grooming experiences.

We recommend Blow Drying especially for heavier coated dogs, with thick undercoats, to help reduce the risk of Hot Spots (acute dermatitis), in tandem with a deshedding treatment.

Wash & Clip

Regular trims and clips of your dog’s coat helps maintain a clean, healthy and well presented appearance. Regular trimming helps prevent skin and eye irritation. Dogs with long or heavy coats will need trimming especially in the warmer months to prevent overheating. Clipping will also help prevent hair matting and possible irritation.

Paws for Pampering offer regular, routine clips using the best equipment available. Our professional cordless clippers are quiet but effective. They are regularly maintained to ensure the best experience for your dog.

Paws for Pampering can provide basic tidy ups (ears, paws and hygiene areas) through to breed specific style cuts for your dog. We are glad to discuss your preferences with you prior to appointment, to ensure the clip is tailored to your dog. We have a growing portfolio of fantastic clips on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Please like, share and subscribe!

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For many dogs, regular washing and clipping is all that is needed to keep excessive shedding under control. While all dogs shed, there are some breeds which shed a great deal more hair than others. This is due to a dense undercoat. These breeds include:

  • Huskies
  • Malamutes
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Samoyeds
  • German Shepherds
  • Border Collies

You may notice heavier shedding during changing seasons, where the dog is attempting to regulate its temperature. The shedding can be intense for these breeds when the coat changes from winter to summer coat.

Paws for Pampering are experienced in offering a deshedding service to help these dogs during this transition, or coat blow out phase.

We firstly carefully brush your dog using a professional grade comb which glides smoothly across your dog (we do not use “deshedding” combs as we find these are sharp and may cause your dog discomfort). We then bathe your dog using a specialized deshedding shampoo. It contains natural essential oils to stimulate follicles to release hair, while moisturizing and hydrating your dog’s skin. It is pH balanced, water based and free from phosphates, parabens and enzymes. Once clean we gently dry and then recomb your dog’s undercoat using our specialized deshedding comb.

Deshedding is a great way to help your double coated dog to regulate its temperature, improve its comfort, reduce possible irritation, and help keep your home fresh and clean!

Wash / Dry and Tidy

As part of a regular grooming plan, your dog may require attention around his or her feet, face and hygiene areas. Paws for Pampering can carefully trim these areas as required, using our professional grade fine clippers. We are also experienced in fine scissoring techniques.

We recommend sanitary areas should be trimmed approximately every 4 to 6 weeks. This ensures your dog (and house) remains hygienic. Sanitary trims cut down the hair around the belly, tha back of the legs and private parts, so that when they go to the toilet, it doesn’t get stuck in the hair and spread around. This prevents the spread of bacteria and also keeps your dog smelling fresher for longer.

Paws for Pampering takes the time to check between your dog’s toes, in and around the ears, under armpits and between the hindlegs. We will carefully and gently trim these areas to prevent dirt build up and decrease the risk of inflammation or infection.

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dog nail trimming newcastle

Nail Trimming

Our domesticated dogs in today’s world don’t have the environment to have their nails worn down and shaped in nature. However, for the well being of your dog, clean, trimmed nails are a must. If a dog’s nails are too long they run the risk of becoming torn off by a piece of furniture or carpet, leading to a serious injury and pain. Trimmed nails can also improve a dog’s mobility. Long nails can make it difficult for your dog to walk comfortably.

Paws for Pampering understands the importance of trimmed nails for a dog’s well being. We provide nail trimming service at every visit, free of charge. Firstly we will inspect the nails to see if trimming is required. We will talk to you about your dog’s prior experience of having his or her nails trimmed. We will then use a gentle approach with our professional clippers.

Regular daily exercise will help keep your dog’s nails in good shape and at a good length. Nail growth varies between different breeds. We will make a check each and every visit.